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Need paint code please - URGENT

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Hey wats up fella's?

I was referred here by the guys at,

I dont own a Viper, i have a 200 black honda accord, but due to the carelessness of a certain bodyshop, they messed up my original paint, so to make up for it, they agreed to repaint my car another shade of black if I wanted, or I could go back to the stock black.

I've ALWAYS loved the black on the Dodge Vipers. The Dodge Viper GTS ACR to be exact. I LOVE that black..

Well my car is going into the bodyshop in another day or two, and I was wondering if anyone could get me the paint code for the black on the Vipers?

I'd really appreciate it, if you could. Thank you people.

- Najeeb
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lol i meant 2000, but is there any1 that can tell me?

Please, this is very urgent, car is going in the shop tomorrow afternoon. /images/graemlins/frown.gif
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Thank you for your help Jerome, that was actually the first place i signed up, but I have to wait for approval for my username? So I decided to ask at another forum, and they sent me here..

Snake Bitten, thank you very much for your help also /images/graemlins/smile.gif
Just wanted to know, is that the same black as the GTS??
Sorry if its a dumb question, but i'd rather be safe then sorry. Thanx again, appreciate it /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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lol hey man, not every honda is a ricer.
battlebot said:
Nice to hear you found out! :nod:
thanx for referring me to this site Battlebot /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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Snake Bitten said:
Here's the paint codes for my RT...

Black Clear Coat Codes: 2000 Model Year

Chrysler Code: MX3
PPG: 9874
DuPONT: F0840
Sherman Williams/Martin Senour: 46951
Akzo Nobel/Sikkens: CHA93:MX3
Spies Hecker: 70268
ICI (Autocolor): 2PA1B

Good choice of color!
Is the WHOLE thing the code? Or their j/diff. codes for diff. companies? That still make the same color?
Jerome said:
illegalakkord said:
lol hey man, not every honda is a ricer.
Well it looks like I have to set you straight on this subject.

If you own a jap car it is rice.

And it is modified at all you are a ricer.

That term has been around probably longer then you have been on this earth so you can't argue with history.

Not starting shit just telling it like it is.

Wanna buy my VR4 so I can get out of the ricer category?

Wat about the...
- Skyline
- Silvia
- Supra
- RX7
- 300ZX
- Soarer

Those rice too, if u mod them?
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