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Need Nitrous info???

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I have purchased two custom electric blue bottles with billet knobs, and a very cool billet bracket to hold them. Im piecing this kit together with everything I have ever wanted in a Nitrous system. Ive played around with Nitrous in the past on some mustangs.

Tell me if Im going in the right direction. This is for a GTS.

I would like to go from each bottle to a guage, then from each guage to a "Y" fitting. Sound right???

Then from the "Y" fitting out with the -4 line out of the trunk area (underneath the car?) up to the engine compartment?

For now I just mainly need to know the best way to plumb the guages and "Y".

I would like to use Aeroquip fittings or something cool looking. Maybe some small autometer guages. Possible?

Thanks for any info,
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There is a nos accessory fitting for mounting the gauge. You will only need one gauge. The wye fitting is actually a TEE and is quite common you will find it in Summit or jegs. You will also need a blow-down line if you have a GTS. The blown-down tubes are available as a kit, however, a piece of the Aeroquip line and a cutter fitting are easier to work with, you'll need two.
I was thinking a Y fitting like the one in the picture. Would this work?
What size line coming out of the bottles to the y (-4's?) and what size line going to the engine compartment (-4 or -6?)?

The Y fittings come in different sizes -4's going into -6, or all -4's.

You can get 4 or 6 bottle nipples...get the 6 and use 6 line too...when in doubt, GO BIG!...

This is the desired effect??? A couple pics of my trunk...I made my own blow-downs, like Jack suggested...

l love the way your jugs look Snake Bitten /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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