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Need assistance from anybody in the UK!

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Looking at this auction:

And yes I understand that most of these "auctions are scams, but this guy has emailed me back a couple of times. I am looking for anyone on the UK near Jersey JE1 4HF,(wherever the hell this is) to look at these and let me know if they are legit. He was willing to take $1800 for everything shipped. I figured I would get an intermediary(sp) to broker the deal and watch them go to UPS for shippment. Anybody?

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96 R/T 10
You can get a new set of HRE's cheaper than the 7K list that he talks about. $1800 total sounds like a good price but if they were all of that it seems that he could ask $3K and sell then now so why $1800.00???? To e-mail you back could be no more than setting the hook. You might get a name and post his name, maybe someone knows of this person.
On .ORG there are several post about a wheel scam so beware. If they are such a good deal and you go with it try using a Credit Card. I like to save a buck just like the next guy but if it sounds, feels, and looks like a duck beware. Looking at the photo there are allot of American cars in the photo. Have him send a photo of the front and rear of the Viper and check the plates. Looks like the photos could have been taken in the US of A
Good Luck
Yep, I know what your saying Rohn, and I too thought it was strange that the photos were in the great US of A. I am hoping if this guy give me a phone number and it is a scam, one of the boys in the UK can get him taken out so as not to screw any other Viper owners out of their money. On the off chance this is for real, it would be a hell of a deal, but when something sounds too good to be true................................................. /images/graemlins/down
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96 R/T 10 -- I have emailed this guy as well. I truly believe this is a scam, but one may never know until they follow it through with a winning bid. To help you out, here is the last email I got in return, when I told him I have a friend in the UK that might be able to meet him to see the wheels.

"yes, i can meet with your friend tomorrow morning till 11. o'clock ..after this hour i will go to work and i can't meet with your friend
19 Royal Sq St Jersey JE1 4HF 07986098953"

As you can see, he did provide "an" address and phone number. I have not tried to call it, as I do not really have a friend available to go see them. I just wanted to see if I could call his bluff. If you are more serious than I am, give him a call and see if it is a good number. Another strange thing is, this guy is willing to ship for free (like the other scammers I have come across), and has not provided me with a name in numerous email exchanges I have had with him.

If this is a real deal, I will kick myself for not following through!

Good Luck!!
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I got the same exact email back. I want to give one of the boys in the UK a chance to go look at these with possibly a "friend"(cop in plain cloths) to validate the situation.
Those picts are all USA picts.. no way in hell could you get that many american cars in 1 place.. take it from someone who has been there more than a few times. I don't think I have EVER seen a suburban or a lifted ford pickup in my travels there.
yep its got to be a scam, the same guy had a set of OE 18" a couple of weeks ago I asked for a specific pic and all he could send was a stock picture, I then offered to send a friend around to view the wheels, and the emails then stopped.

Jersey is not mainland UK just a little island off it, I dont know anyone there
Come to think about it about a year ago my son hit on much the same with a set of rims. I told my son to E-mail the guy back saying that we had someone less than 1 hr. away to look at the rims and had the cash. The return e-mail said "sorry I just sold them" and that was the last we ever heard from the guy and that was some where in the UK.
watch your back
Yep I’m with Neil and all the others on this one, got to be a scam. The only Jersey those pictures may have been taken in is New Jersey USA. Those pics are so USA and NOT UK, parking lot and building style is just wrong, and the only place you would get that selection of cars in the UK with no euro boxes in sight is at an American car meet.

The guy is so casual about your friend meeting before 11 as well, doesn’t he realise that his address in jersey is a few hours ferry ride from mainland UK (its actually just off the coast of France) /images/graemlins/surrender and the size of the island is such that most people know each other, especially if one of them is driving a red viper.

If he can get them to the mainland I’ll take a look but then if its for real I may want to bid also. /images/graemlins/yes
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Thanks guys, I have decided to forget this guy. I would have like to have called his bluff though.
Yes sirs, add to the fact this assclown is just a scammer, I had asked for close up pics of each wheel. He replied with four pics. It was very apparent that it was four pics of the same wheel. It was blatantly obvious, as each pic was from a slightly different angle, and each had the same scratches and a nick on the lip. I called his bluff, and he hasn't emailed me back.

Douche bag scammers can go hell!! /images/graemlins/up2

What's the deal with all the wheel scammers in the UK?

My guess is that it be one or two guys with numerous alias' on eBay hoping to prey upon dipshite Americans who are too stupid to verify an overseas deal before they send cash/Western Union/etc. ??? /images/graemlins/confused

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I'm an ex UK copper and I have been winding this guy up for ages even mailed him to say I was in Jersey could I look at the wheels. guess what he was in Portsmouth at the time.

Seen this pic before on the VCA (sorry about the swearin) :rofl:.

By the guys email I would say that its Mohamded again!!!!!!!

Wish we could still hunt in the UK my 444 Marlin could be fun!!!! :smooch:
post on the VCA, DONT BID ON THESE !! unless you want to wind the guy up
What's the deal with all the wheel scammers in the UK?
I very much doubt this guy is from the UK the emails I received was terrible broken english, thought it was easy to registar on ebay from any country you like, as long as you 'obtain' a postal address
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