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Hey guys since the purchase of my '01 with only 3k miles at the time, I have had the little black spots all over my car. Some sort of rail dust or fall out, I really did not know what it was. The spots were needle point small and you really had to look to see them at all, but you sure could feel them. For the last six months no wash, wax, polish, cleaner, or even over-the-counter rubbing compound with a buffer would get them off. I was to the point of having the car professionally wet sanded and buffed. I happened to be in Wal-Mart picking up some Mobil One for the oil change and ran across a Mothers Clay bar, show-in-shine, & wax system for $11.00 I figured what the hell I will give it a try and if it doesn't work I will only be out eleven bucks. I followed the directions very close starting with washing the car, drying, and to the first step of spraying the show-in-shine on the surface. Next start rubbing in a back and fourth motion with the Clay Bar. You will feel and here it working, it almost sounds as if it is scuffing the paint but it is not. Keep the surface under the clay bar wet with the shine and apply very little pressure until the clay bar just slides around very easy. Next wipe the area clean and go back over any of the little spots left with the same application. The car will feel as if it has had a fresh wax job on it because it leaves the finish so smooth like glass. Next kneed the clay bar into a ball and pat back out into a bar and start on the next section. Once the whole car is done you can wax it with the supplied wax. However I opted to use a Meguires product #7 liquid polish and then a final coat of #26 liquid wax (The best I have ever used)found at auto-zone or proffesional auto parts and paint dealers. Sorry can't get this at Wal-Mart.
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