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NE Ohio - Lets get ready to RUMBLE

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Since joining the Ohio Chapter of the VCA three years ago we noticed that there have been little if any events in NE Ohio where the largest concentration of cars actually are located. This is nobodies fault, Ohio is a large state with a lot of geography and many cars. The logistics do not make it easy to get participation from members located north/south for single day events.

It is almost a crime that we haven't been more active in NE Ohio. Our area is a hotbed of car shows, cruises legal and non-legal track events during the spring, summer and fall. If VCA members and vipers owners send me their email addresses I will put together a database of members that want to become more active. In the next month or so I will send out a mailing to NE Ohio members asking for your email addresses, in the meantime if you see this post and are interested send me a PM with your email address. Please understand this is not intended to conflict with the Ohio VCA. This is for car fanatics that want to get together locally.

That brings me to the present, we are having a party next Saturday, January 31st. It is a little unique, the background theme is the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). We will have the fight on pay-for-view. If you don't like violence, just close your eyes and enjoy some viper hospitality.

We are located in Willoughby Hills. We are ten minutes from the Rt 271 and Mayfield Rd (Rt322) exit. If you PM me your email address I will send you a map. The party starts at 8:00 PM, the fights start at 9:30. By the way this is snow belt country and no viper will make into our drive.

For you posers, you will get to see a working garage and a viper torn down to the short block. For those that are relatively new to the viper or have yet to dirty your hands, maybe a lot of technical/mechanical questions can be answered. The car is on a lift and we can explore if anyone is so inclined. This has to be done pre-fight or post-fight.

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