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Navigation not offered in Escalades?

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Top of the line truck that CADILLAC (isn't this top of the line Chevrolet?) makes and they don't even have navigation in them yet? Is this a way to make more money once the navigation is offered (i.e. - all current owners have to take their trucks in - then pay GM - to get their navigation installed).
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RedSnakeGTS said:
another, larger.... <hr /></blockquote>

Ummmmmmmm....yeah! Yeah, I definitley think their are some pick up games to be run on your court!! Incredible court! Thanks for the pictures, I'm gonna save them for some ideas I had of my own if you don't mind.
[image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]
no i dont mind at all.....if you have any questions just ask, overall i am happy with the court, just not the company, if you want to ask me more about it just pm me, but again, feel free to save them!
I have a question - what kind of camera is that? the pictures look great.
its a sony mvc-cd400, is what is cool is it records them to a mini cd-rw and it holds tons of pictures!
I've got the Sony DSC-S70. Sony makes great cameras!
this is my second sony camera, they are top quality
I bought my wife a Sony DSC-P9.
Nice camera but I will be looking for something a little
more serious soon.
HMM at my dealer there was an option to get a nav system installed. Not that bad a price either +-3k. I think they used the alpine system and have a local sound shop do the install. GM probably does not have it as an official option since they are still trying to get the Onstar system over. I have found that aftermarket id the way to go for AV stuf anyways. Oh well. I am still very happy with my 'scalade even if I never shoot a rap video in it.
I checked out the Cadillac website. They have pictures of a Navigation system supposedly offered on the escalades. However when you go to "build your own" escalade and get to the options portion, it wont let you click on the navigation option. I guess its not ready for production? I remember Mercedes Benz had this same issue on CLK cars.
I had heard that GM would start offering full nav. systems on their cars starting with caddy then trickeling down to others. Always one step behind the pack...
Maybe they should start offering leather that doesnt wrinkle and crease after 10 minutes of use. Then maybe they should stop usung fisher price as an OEM supplier for interior parts. Navigation seems to be the least of their worries. Creaky rattly POS's.
smokin you have such a valid point! the fucking leather gets ass cracks, pun intended i think, in no time! i have creases already and its annoying!
41 - 52 of 52 Posts
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