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Navigation not offered in Escalades?

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Top of the line truck that CADILLAC (isn't this top of the line Chevrolet?) makes and they don't even have navigation in them yet? Is this a way to make more money once the navigation is offered (i.e. - all current owners have to take their trucks in - then pay GM - to get their navigation installed).
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I just bought a 2003 Denali XL in carbon metallic. It is my 2nd Denali (I traded an '01 Denali XL) and I have had numerous Yukon XL and Suburbans over the years. My wife won't drive anything else. I wish BMW or Mercedes would come out with a true FULL SIZED SUV for the North American market for soccer mom's like my wife who feel like they need a bus for our ONE child! I hate the cheap feel of GM products but it really is alone in it's niche. It rides great and has plenty of power though...just hate all the damn plastic. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!..but the price is not. Mine stickered for $52K. Unbelievable. <hr /></blockquote>

I been driving my dads 00 yukon denali and I love it. I just hate how the damn gonvern kicks in at 113 grrrrr :pissed: its searosly ertating....
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