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Well other than a bunch of hub bub over nothing on Sat. about who was driving "MY" car I think BLOWNGTS held together just fine. In fact for a "true" boost only car I would dare to say better than fine. Yes it is true I could not get a damn hall pass for a second straight weekend away from home. Price I pay for having 2 kids and a wife that actually likes being around me I guess? I did want my car represented though. I sent Kevin, my tuner and Underground Racing shop owner to see what the car would do and if it would with stand the beating I knew he would give it on the track. I was not trying to circumvent any rules, if I had been there I would have driven the damn car myself. I know if I had been in Kevin's shoes and driven 10 hrs I world not have sat by and watched on Sat. either.

I think I had the highest numbers on the dyno. My dyno numbers were 825 rwhp uncorrected. Dr. Roof went 780 rwhp uncorrected and 912 rwhp corrected with no torque numbers, so something was definately screwy with the dyno on his run. I mean you should not jump 132 hp uncorrected to corrected right? Under the advice of his tuner he would not re-dyno his car. Which brings up a question I have though? What constitutes a boost only car? Doesn't Dr. Roof have methanol injection, heads/intake work etc? To me, being the laymen I am, that is more than a boost only car. My car is stock, except for a blower and fuel system. Hell I don't even have headers. Just curious what others think?

The track numbers were about what I expected. I was secretly hoping for 9.5 but 9.7 is pretty strong. I think Kevin did a great job driving, props to him, even if I did teach him everything he knows. :rofl:. I think on the last pass my clutch may have given up. It lasted longer than I expected. I have ordered a McLeod good for 1200 rwhp and hope to have it in by the SC shootout. Thanks to Keith from Greensboro for trailering my car and for letting me use his slicks on Sun. He is a great guy! Did anybody by chance get my car on video on the 9.7 pass. My video guy was on the other side of the track. Someone told Kevin it pulled the fronts off the ground. I would love to see that if it is true.

All in all other than being there myself I think the trip was a success. My car is now track tested with slips to back up my dyno numbers. I would like to get some feed back from Gerald or anybody else there that saw my car. I am particularly interested in what everyone thought of Kevin's installation job. I think from what I have seen to compare it too it is a first class job. I was thinking of maybe going full 510 stroker with all the internal goodies done but know after my car did so well being boost only I think I might leave it as is other than maybe headers and the clutch. I do appreciate all the positive feedback and comments I have read and I hope this trip proves my car is for real and a stock blower car making 900 rwhp can hold up to even the best drivers (Kevin)! Oh almost forgot, special thanks goes out to you Dr. Roof for trying to disqualify my car not once but twice. WTF is your deal? It is the car that matters, not who the fuck is driving it. It was on street tires no less. Peace! Matt
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Street Tire Shootout is for Owner / Drivers - Saturday event. IMO - this is more like a DRIVER'S contest and a great place for folks to come out and run THEIR cars - learn and compete.

Unlinmited classes is pretty much Anything Goes is the place for amateurs and tuners to showcase their cars - use slicks and skinnies, use all your power adders, and try to break some records! Bring in a hot shoe driver - the goal here is to get everything you can out of the CAR.

The fact is - there was an avenue for BLOWNGTS to showcase his car / his tuner without doing someting shady. Even if he didn't run slicks and skinnies - it's the TIME that matters and he would have run that on Sunday.

Doing something to circumvent the rules was disrespectful to all associated with the event. I mean it was pretty obvious that this was a "sham" sale and that no ownership transfer actually took place. Zero integrity.

EDIT - If the goal was only for Kevin to drive the car, then couldn't he have just run test and tune Saturday without the fake ownership transfer shit?
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