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I don't believe in lifetime bans unless the person banned was banned because of something vile like child endangerment or child porn for example. A motion was made by packetjunkie to bring back YoTony and he is said to be sorry & reformed.

What says the membership?

We report....You decide.


Should we bring back BACKNBLACK?
<input type="radio" name="option" value="1" />Yes! Enough time has passed & he deserves another shot.
<input type="radio" name="option" value="2" />No! He'll never change & doesn't deserve to be among us.
<INPUT TYPE=Submit NAME=Submit VALUE="Submit vote" class="buttons"></form>

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Tony did some stupid things - went off on another member in a way that was totally inappropriate and was being a general pain in the ass. I've spoken with Tony since that time and he says he'll play nice.

I dont see any reason for lifetime bans from members who agree to play by the rules (particularily those who own Vipers).

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Please count a "yes" vote for me - the poll is not letting me vote yes, it says:

"We're sorry, but that file cannot be found!
The requested URL was not found on this server.

If you mistyped the URL, please re-enter it.

If we failed to upload an image of file, please let us know!"

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I voted to bring him back. I didn't mind his antics....more the way he expressed (or failed to express) them. Hopefully, he won't start up with Chuck (or anyone else in such a manner). THAT was a NO NO!

Bring back the Cretian Creet'n!

I also think it's good board policy to "unban" when appropriate. Good for our "rep."

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I tought he brought some fun in the midst of all the mayhem (and i also don't believe in lifetime bans) so i voted yes.

yo-tony, all is forgiven but don't get carried away as you did the last time!

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I'm bring him back because I'm gonna play bookie on how long it will take before he melts down again. We'll have two rounds of bets, one for Smackie-induced meltdowns, and one for "any other."

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