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Jerome said:
Ok, devils advocate here. I say to let JH post here. He has been trying right some wrongs and if we ban him we will not see what is going on.

NoMercy said John is trying to do right by him. And I believe that he is also righting other wrongs.

John is also shipping parts COD as to not have any more problems.

I say leave him be so we all can ask him questions here and have them answered here. This will also give those with problems with him a public place to discuss for all to see what is happening.

I vote let him stay.
Devils advocate to your post /images/graemlins/smile.gif

FACT - Wilks also made a lot of promises to "make things right". This was just an attempt to get more time and stave off the hounds. JPH is making the same promises. Wilks did ship SOME stuff. JPH did too. But there are a lot of unanswered questions for Wilks. As there is with JPH. Don't kid yourselves folks - you're giving JPH the benefit of the doubt but not Wilks. use the same standard to judge each. Be unbiased and you will see I am right about this.

FACT - Not a single person has some forward with full and complete satisfaction from JPH. Not ONE. Conversely SEVERAL have come forward and said they are NOT yet done with JPH on their grievances.

FACT - HP appears to still not have been "made whole" by JPH. Bill says JPH has made some headway, but still no resolution. GaryA says he tried to get JPH to "make right" with no reply. MnbViper says he also wants restitution for his grievance with no reply from JPH.

FACT - JPH still advertises, directly and indirectly on this site. JPH profits from the exposure on this site.

Now, let's be clear... if JPH is banned, and then "makes right" with the Viper community, I am in favor of letting him come back. But UNTIL he does that, I am FULLY in favor of restricting his ability to screw anyone else. Let him repay those he owes, THEN he can come advertise and market. Until then, he deserves no access to marketing here.

Let's give Hennessey as MUCH incentive as we can to make right with our Viper brothers BEFORE we allow him to profit from us. Until he actually DOES make right, he is still undeserving of being here.
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