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More on \'New brake product for 92-02 Vipers\'

I wanted to repost to confirm my request - from old post as follows

If you think the Stoptechs are a good 1 piece rotor at $389/pr or whatever they actually charge then I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is.

I'll get a car set of rotors to the first guy who wants to test them for me at a 'near OEM' price (basically the wholesale cost).

The only requirements are as follows:

You're not a jerk....I have no time for that.

You road race a 92-02 Viper with stock brakes and you run aggressive pads and preferably R compound or at least DOT R compound tires. I'm flexible here but I'm not going to whore out my rotors to a grocery getter. I need data.

You will be racing in the near future - the sooner the better.

You'll give me the details of your test...nothing too difficult just pads used, tires, event you raced at and some evaluations as compared to what you are currently using.

Email me at [email protected] if you are interested...

I heard mention of Warren's pads (brakeman). I think he is a rather smart man but have any of you hit up Larry Narcus (Carbotech) for pads?
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