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OK, assuming the 345/35/18 Sport can't be found. I called Michelin who says yes they are being made but I call local dealers and they say no. To the point of this post.

Michelin options to get wider tires to help with curb rash would be(in 18")
#1 Rear - Sport Cup 345/30/18 diameter 26.3 Stock tire diameter 26.1
#2 Front - Sport Cup 285/30/18 diameter 25.1 Stock tire diameter 25.7
#3 Front - Sport 285/35/18 diameter 26 Stock tire diameter 25.7

1. Going with #1 and #2 means the rear diameter goes up .2 while the front diameter goes down .6 Cut that in half for the difference in height. Wouldn't it be a bad thing to push more weight towards the front of our Vipers? Would this diameter size difference really matter?

2. Going with #1 and #3 means rear diameter goes up .2 while the front diameter goes up .3 Cut in half again for height. Better idea? Trade off is that you are using two different tires.
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