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Mopars at the Strip, anyone going?

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Hey guys, wondering if anyone is going to make it to the MATS this year in Vegas? There are quite a few dakotas and SRT-Ram heading out. It's an awesome event and great racing.
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We are going to have a mini v-10 nationals at this event. I know there are people planning on have srt-rams there. I have talked to the painters, people in charge of the event, and we are able to do just about anything we want in the drag racing department.

There were 12 people registered, probably more now, and here is a list of the fasts vipers who are coming that are not registered yet except me:

Fast Vipers:

Fat Albert All Motor “Nasty” Viper Drag Car
Fat Albert All Motor 800 HP beast
HMS 650R with Roe Blower @12PSI Boost: Ran a 10.11 at 142 at 9psi of boost
West Coast Tuned Viper w/450 shot of NOS : 6.8x in the 1/8 mile
DC Perfomance 800RWHP Twin SC Viper
Roe SC Viper Heads and NOS @10 PSI: No times known but should be low 10's-high 9's
Roe SC Viper w/Heads @10PSI : No times known but should be another low 10 car
HMS Twin Turbo Viper 850RWHP : No times known but should be low 10's high 9's
Competition Coupe : No times known but should be 11's
LV Roe SC Viper @7psi yellow : High 10's low 11's
DLM superbar 880RWHP Viper : No known times but should be high 9's low 10's
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Awesome, hope to see all of you there. There should be some daks putting down mid 10's, and there is a Dak vs Lightning duel scheduled as well. It's gonna be a blast.
THis event will be held March 19-21 at Las Vegas Motorspeedway. If you would like to join us please sign up at . This is a huge mopar event with tons of muscle cars and of course there will be plenty of vipers.
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