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Gay my ass - its what the young people like to watch - so give em what they want - its smart marketing - and it'd be fun to watch.

where do some of these ideas come from - gay men would piss their panties in a drift car - they're too busy remodelling their kitchen to worry about this stuff

some of these young people will dream of owning a car like that and go on to buying one when they can afford it.

How many here bought Mopar because of the muscle cars that inspired you when you were younger? Or for you younger ones - the Viper caught your imagination and you decided you just had to have one.

Mopar is going to the ricer patch to play and good on them - maybe some of those guys will now one day buy American instead of imports.

Not that there is anything wrong with Jap cars - they're very good cars even if they sound like a wasp in a tin can - but it does make sense to support home grown when it is good enough - and the Viper is!

Anyone who can control drift a car with 345 rear tires has to be good to start with... this will be a great series
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