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For those who purchased the Miller Special Tool (Vipers 92-00) to pressure bleed brakes as suggested in the factory service is a tip.

The Miller tool has 3 connection points that hinge under the tabs on the brake reservoir. You press down hard and turn the tool until it aligns under the tabs. The problem? The tool does not have stops on its connection points so you can just turn it right off the tabs and keep going in circles until you are tired.

Tip - Mark the tool on the sides with a paint stick or sharp object at the center of each connection point. Mark the reservoir with a pencil/marker/paint stick at the center of the tabs. This will make it easy to see when you install. Just align the marks and you will know when the tool is safely attached. After it is connected, double check by looking underneath and ensuring the tool connections are firmly seated under the reservoir connection points.

Another tip - The tool is metal. The reservoir is plastic. Do not just screw it on like you would the OEM cap. The tool will crush the edges of the plastic. You need to press down hard and even on the the tool during installation to get the connection points under the reservoir tabs. You'll know what I mean when you see it.
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