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My 1996 RT just received a complete Arrow engine rebuild.... under the extended warranty..... for the same symptoms...... at 35,000 miles on the odometer.

The Viper Tech said he could replace just the gaskets... but he recommended taking the full rebuild... the warranty folks balked at first but the Viper Tech convinced them the rebuild was the right way to go.

The down side..... I did not have my Viper for right about 10 weeks...
The up side.... a freshly rebuilt engine..... for a $100 deductible.

I would demand the rebuild. From the on-line searches I did here and at the .mORGue... it is worth the wait. New this, new that........ I am not sure I agree with others that there is more HP..... but I'll get it on a dyno soon... to check.

Also I picked up a new clutch assembly for the tech to install when reinstalling the engine.

Talk to your tech.... get him to back you and get the engine rebuild.. if you can stand to be without the Viper for 10 weeks.

Oh yeah... there are a few different numbers in the block... on the driver's side rear right up under the head.. (if I recall correctly)....I took a bunch of digital photos for future reference.

Good Luck,

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