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Hey all,

I'm sure most from CT or MA are aware, but every Monday (barring the fields being soaked) there is a massive show up in East Granby, CT. There is ALWAYS something there to catch your eye. A slow night sees 400 cars. Average is about 600. And a busy night can bring in about 800 to 900 cars and pack the field all the way back to the tree line.

Of note, there is also a Theme Night section where if you show up with the "theme" group, you get to park down by the band and clamshell in the display area.

I think we need to see more Vipers up there this year. I only met one guy so far with a red/white '97. I forget his name now, but he was good enough to give me a brief walk around on the car.

Anyway - check out the show!

www . markscruisenight . com
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