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That's right - every Friday in March we're giving away an Apple iPod to one lucky ViperAlley member!

Prize: A 20gb version of the Apple iPod, which includes dock, case, cables, software (Windows/Mac), headphones with remote and 20gb storage space. Street price is $399.

Alternate prize: If you would prefer one of the new Rio Karma 20's, we will arrange for delivery of this new 20gb MP3 played from Rio which is getting very good reviews - CNET Editors Choice.

Drawing: Every Friday the contest script will be executed and a name selected. The name will be posted in the Anything Goes area and the winner has 20 days to PM me their address for shipping. Unclaimed prizes will be subject to a redrawing.

Eligibility: You must have at least 75 posts to your credit. Previous contest winners are elibile for redrawing only after 12 months since their previous win.

Good luck everyone!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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