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Many had CALLED, but NONE have CONQUERED!!!

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Jedi took the street tire shootout once again!

I did realize one negative to racing on stock tires, "tire shake" is devistating to every component of the car. I had several electrical
issues due to connections vibrating loose, then on main event Saturday, our first pass which was only a warm up on motor, ended with a broken rear end. The
housing cover is also the mount that holds the rear end in place. The left side of this mounting arm shattered. I can only attest that fatique and stress over time caused it. Needless to say, we did not get to run the Saturday race. We had a spare rear, but not enough energy to attempt a last minute change.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the next event and will continue to offer a cash bonus to someone who beats my record.

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Tom you are a class act. I enjoyed meeting you and your family again. Your record was almost beaten by underground racing 10.46.

YOu have to give me a little credit because I was the only person that beat you on street tires but my motor decided that it had enough and gave up the ghost. BTW, with the track conditions the way they were I don't think I could have beaten your record.
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