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After a 90 day suspension both makara and Sgt. Snatch have had their posting privileges reinstated with one condition attached. If they choose to return, their accounts have been unlocked.

To recap, back in December we were given advance warning of a security threat against my servers. As you can imagine I took this threat seriously and responded by suspending/banning members who we had information were involved in one form or another. At a later time we were given conflicting information about just how involved these two members were - hard to say for sure because we're relying on secondhand information. In the end, it seemed fair to make a point and then warn them (and others) against any future activity that could be considered "real world".

The one condition we placed on this was to not make this a mod issue; it's that simple. We don't get paid and we spend alot of time working on the site in one form or another - we made the decisions we did with the information we had and its not open for discussion beyond this point.

I'll apologize now for my shortness and unwillingness to discuss the issue with makara. The timing of this event couldn't have been worse for me personally, I wanted to enjoy the holidays and the time I had to spend securing my servers and monitoring them for hacking activity really pissed me off. While I regret being so short, I hope that people can relate to not wanting all my time monopolized by this site.

On a side note, it probably wouldn't be unrealistic to think it would have happened sooner if it hadn't been for slaughter's attempts to force the mods to do something they didn't have to. In the future you might want to rethink that strategy. While I believe everyone is fair, nobody likes being forced into a position.

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