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Major Site updates!

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Okay, folks; alot of updates to the site in the past couple days.

- New banners and footers

- New Feature: Classifieds! Click on the Classifieds option in the menu bar and see our new classifieds section. [color:"red"]Update: Classifieds now uses your ViperAlley login - no need to re-register![/color]

- Photo Gallery software updated; the final release of the PhotoPost software has been installed and is now online.

- Product Review software updated; the final release of ReviewPost is now online. Cusotmized the Product Review page to improve the layout.

- Updated all addons - Calender, Photo Gallery, Product Review and Classifieds to use a common theme.

- Integrated all addons to the Who'se Online

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Just when I thought it was the best site ever it just got even better!! Thanks again MP!! :thumb:
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