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Macedo\'s Nitrous kit and my 5lb creampuff

Before the Ohio race, Larry Macedo installed a super trick 50 shot of nitrous on my supercharged creampuff. This kit had never been road tested, but worked like everything else that Larry does, flawlessly. To my own regret I did not use the system on Friday during the street tire shoot-out, I was getting terrible wheel hop on my worn Michelins and figured adding more power would make that worse. I used the nitrous the whole way back to the hotel that night, Chad rode with me and would yell BRAKE when those little red tail lights would turn into big lights. Just a 50 hp shot made a big difference in the car, the front end stays up all through 4th and 5th, the supercharger is definitely working better. I had further tire problems on Saturday so I did not get to see its full potential, but trap speeds were up 8-10 mph. Hopefully we will have the Shreveport track to ourselves and I will get to maximize this great combination that Larry has set up for me.
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