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Loose hood...any idea as to how I might tighten it?

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I have a 96 R/T 10 and have a problem with the hood. I just bought this car and was looking under the hood and can't seem to get the it to close tightly. There is a good size gap between the hood and the head lights. Is there a special way to close the hood of a Viper? I use to have other muscle cars and this is the first time I have a problem with a hood. The funny thing is where I am from, there are not too many Viper owners to talk to.
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This is a little more cordial place than were you started(anything goes)Welcome to the Alley and congats on your new snake!!

As far as your hood goes, unless your car is damaged hood gap is not all that uncommon on vipers. You have a 96 and the problems were a bit worse back then.

It is a 3 stage proccess to open/close a viper hood. Once you have the back lowered the front closes in a two step "click"

Be carefull to place both hands on the hood to give it the final push(don't want to break the hood)

I would check the latching mechanism to make sure the clasp is not in the closed position while the hood is opened.

So tell us about your car and Where you are from
My Viper is black w/ silver stripes. The car came with borla exh. when I got it. I just removed the airbox and added chrome tubes w/ K&N air filters. I am in the process of buying a short shifter.

When I purchased the car the hood closed very well. Should I replace the hood with a later model one? I think I have the process down but it still doesn't close properly. I will check the latching mechanism.

I am from Hawaii. Believe it or not, I haven't seen to many Vipers in the state. I am sure I am the youngest owner too. The last Viper I saw on the road was a pre-95 R/T 10 with a couple of older gentlemen in it. Sorry to say but I was a big corvette fan prior to seeing the Viper in 92. But I see a lot of those in Hawaii. So when I decided to buy my dream car, I went for the Viper and I am very happy of the choice I made.

Thanks for the help.
Sounds like a great place to have a Viper.
What island are you on?
And since you brought it up I will Bite....How old are you?
Yo, KingVIper...You can adjust the hood...A couple of things first though:

1. On your year car, when you go to close the hood, your hands should be physically touching the stripes...yes...that far up on the hood...Look at the hinges on the inside of the hood, hands should be right on top of them on the outside.

2. On all Vipers, you gotta put some nut behind closing it...don't get carried away, but you gotta use some force. Don't be scared...CLOSE IT!!!

3. Don't try to "latch" it, then close it...Push if forcefully closed, one smooth motion.

4. If this doesn't work...Take a pic of this "gap" you speak of and post it...You may simply need to adjust the latches, there are one on each side...But I suspect you hood isn't even closed properly...
I will try it.

Well. I am from the isalnd of Oahu, the main island. The same with Waikiki. I am sure I am not the youngest ever, but I am 27.
KingViper said:
I will try it.

Well. I am from the isalnd of Oahu, the main island. The same with Waikiki. I am sure I am not the youngest ever, but I am 27.
27, hell, that makes you an old man on this board.
I was 26 when I got my snake(28 now)
We have a few on the board that are in their lower 20's (And I aint talkin about mom & dads money)with some very high dollar new modded cars.
Maybe a few in their Teens.(or were when they got their snakes)

So King Viper what do you do for a living???
And do Vipers carry a premium in Hawaii???
I own a mortgage company and yes...Vipers carry a high premium in Hawaii. I don't see too many of them around here. I guess it took me a little longer cause homes are very expensive out here and I had to get me one of those before I could get a toy (haha). I have been to Texas a few times, Dallas and Houston to be exact. Texas was cool, I guess everyone was right when they say "everything is big in Texas."

Well, I tried to close the hood and there is still about a 1 inch gap. I will try and take a picture and post it. I think I might have to tighten it or something. Let me know if anyone has any ideas.

King...You have a PM...
Yes, another located black with silver stripes 2000 GTS :thumb: welocme to Viper Alley! I just got mine back in August, and these folks have on the Alley have helped me with advice and issues with my car too not to mention entertaining /images/graemlins/jerry God I feel so old @ 35 on here now-PASS THE GERITOL :leaving:
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Can you tell me what a PM is?
Can I get a private massage? Anyone? /images/graemlins/gay lol
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