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V10 MOJO said:
excellent choice, IMO 99 is hands down best viper yr for total package viper.

as for upgrades roe and pxton DIY SC seem to be amazing and are slowly but surely starting to rule the SC vipe world. with roadcoursing though, neither a good idea so do all your bolt-on mods, hanlding and braking mods and go kick ass. plenty of power with all standard bolt-on mods to whup ass in roadcoursing if youve enough seattime. PMUM proved this and even did it in USCC, proving power isnt everything. lastly, if you still do want more power and are also sticking with roadcoursing, simple solution; stay all motor and do heads/cam. thats the way i went.

good luck, have fun, drive it like you stole it and see you at some events perhpas :fist:
What makes the 1999 RT better than the 1998 RT... in your opinion?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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