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Looking for NoCal Mechanic

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I moved from the lovely confines of SoCal to the Bay Area, and I'm looking for a good Viper mechanic in SF/San Jose area. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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Kid, you magnificent SOB! I lobbed you a post in the other forum. I gotta jet and convince a bunch of OTC folks that PMUM will haunt them if we don't start OTC at Willow this year.
Although Willow and Buttonwillow were the PMUM's home tracks, I think just about any course he set tires on could be categorized as "his house." If you guys can swing the series to Laguna or Thunderhill, I'll try to make an appearance and roll out a niiiice scooter for my hot laps around the pits. Last time the PMUM let me borrow his scooter at Buttonwillow, nobody, and I mean nobody (as in Galati-running-and-hiding-from-the-PMUM "nobody") wanted a piece.
We'll be at Thunderhill and Sears Point on April 20-21. I almost laid the Lil Scooter down in Turn 3 at Thunderhill during the Lil Scooter Race there last year. The front completely washed out and I had that lil Derbi leaned way the hell over. I get in the pits and PMUM ran the, "Yah, ALMOST like my off at Willow doing a buck fifty, huh, BP?"
I prefer to make my scooter runs on the toll road.

Send me the OTC schedule if you can - I'd love to get out to any of the NoCal events if my schedule allows it, but I might be able to travel down to the desert tracks if I can get away.
Apr 19 - Willow
Apr 20 - Thunderhill
Apr 21 - Sears Point
Apr 22 - California Speedway
Apr 23 - Arizona Motorsports Park

We're doing the big PMUM party the night before and before the first race. All the friends will be in attendance...most of them racing. It's a given you're invited to any and all that stuff. I just figured Kid Gal had relocated you up north and had you on some sort of leash. Chew a leg off and jump in the fray!
Please! Kid Gal has her own windbreaker, and if I don't watch her, she sneaks out and lays patches down in front of the house with Big Boy.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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