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Looking for a Tuner? Check this out!

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I would like to recommend In my opinion the top Tuners that support the V-10 Nationals

First You have to look at Racing Solutions out of Houston. They have the Worlds Quickest Viper and have proved to be the Top since the V-10 Nationals has started. They offer a complete line of Top quality applications from Direct Port NOS to All MOTOR and Forced Induction such as SUperchargers and my personal car which is Twin Turbo 1000 plus RWHP


Underground Racing
Kevin Howeth has Done more than other SUper Tuners in his first year in Business than other Blower tuners have done in Multiple years. Think about it his first time at the track he ran 9's with a stock bottom end! That is impressive and I dont think enough has been said about that. He now has multiple cars running in the 9's. I think he sells a Promised 9 second Package for less than 20 Grand. (Perhaps the best deal going)

Macedo Motorsports

Larry has proven to be one of the best Customer service Techs I have ever seen. He is loyal to his customers and takes care of them! I like this in a Tuner! He has tuned many Roe Blower APplications that has proven to be consistant and winners in Multiple classes in the V-10 Nationals!

ALl of these above have been a long term supporter of the V-10 Nationals and I appreciate their hard work and LEVEL of committment to make the series a success.

As for a Vendor There is No one that Compares to PARTSRACK.COM Jon be has pumped Thausands of Dollars into the series!

if your looking for upgrades you need to check these guys out they will stand by you for sure.

I know that other TUners are there and are reputable, but these three stand out in my book for what that is worth.
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CRAP! I wanted to be first... I guess we'll need to run a low 9 in LA to convice a few people. Thank you for the kind words, David!
David is going down!! We got something for him at the next Viper race!! As far as caring the front wheel?? Matt's car does it also. It carried it through first gear with STOCK suspension when I Dump the clutch at 5500 RPMs in Florida but I prefer on keeping cars together because you don't have to do it to win and run 9s.... Play the light?? whatever makes you feel better. :thumb: [/quote]

Hey Pal, the only thing you'll be carrying in LA are your doors after we blow em off as we jet by. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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Hey Pal, the only thing you'll be carrying in LA are your doors after we blow em off as we jet by. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif [/quote]

Im 1 up on ya!! Your going down again buddy!!... :smooch:.. Tell you driver to remember to turn on all that NOS because hes going to need it for are all boost Viper!! :nod: [/quote]

It's all in good fun and we'll be having much more in LA. I find myself becoming consumed with ensuring everyone does well and lose myself in doing so. So, before I have a stroke or heart atack, I'm going to make some changes. We look foward to gazing upon the top of your head from the podium. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

BTW, KC mentioned he had some new literature for me he was going to Email?

Talk to you this week, Sweetheart!
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