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Do any of you guys happen to know someone selling a steel grey or sapphire blue GTS for around 50k?
Im not afraid of higher mileage because it will pretty much be my daily driver.
A stock gts would be nice also and im from Sothern California.
Thanks for your help!

Oh, before i forget, can someone tell me about the 2000 gts having an oil burning problem? I read somewhere that the problem only occurs before the build date of October of that year or something like that.

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RedSnake said:
PM Yellow Fever he has a beat on

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I'm usually the kind of guy that would jump at this as I get tire and change car fairly quickly. I've had my Viper for a few days over a year now. It's a 2000 steel gray with stripes.

I gotta say....It would take more case to make me consider selling. I've got just over 10K miles on it now. I guess if I subscribed to the .morg theory I should sell at this point......

It's just to fun to consider.

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