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Long time NO post

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well, been here did that and here again, LOL i just cant believe the shit that can be done on .morgue. i swear if i ever had someone be such a candyass around me like that in person id slap the shit out of them only cause they wouldnt be man enough to deserve my fist. ahhh well.


( i missed my old graemlin buddy, LOL)
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Welcome back.

Be careful who you slap, remember that shit splatters. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

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Rich, you Liberal fucking pussy...wassup??? Can you please quit cussing over on the VCA forums...I read one of your posts to day, and my virgin ears felt like they had been plowed by John Holmes...That is all...

Scotty's drag event is only gonna be about 5 hours long...we still going??? I'm hip, but I don't wanna be the only one taking a beating over there! I'd feel alot better if you and the other Smith were getting their asses handed to them as well....
G,frst of all im definitely comin to that shiity ass stockyard windy city, secondly; itd take a big set of hands to hand this ass of mine to me, LOL

seriously though, im looking forward to it. im only running high 11's but ive been doing consistent RT's of .52's so, if i ge thedamn 60's down i got some chance. problem is; how do i get my BFGs up there?

you best be ready to knock back some suds too
V10 MOJO said:
problem is; how do i get my BFGs up there?
Call Scotty...See if you can ship them to his shop??? Ground shipping is cheap and they will get there in plenty of time...

V10 MOJO said:
you best be ready to knock back some suds too
Oh hell no...Wisconsin tequilla has suds in it??? They better not be putting cheese in there!!!
ahh thats right, a bro after my own style; tequila. excellent.
You got your mojo back! Congrats! /images/graemlins/headbang.gif
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