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Lingenfelter Recovery Fund Established

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From this weeks Nat. Dragster-

"A recovery fund has been established to aid veteran racer and engine builder John Lingenfelter, who was seriously injured in a racing accident in November. Those who make a $25 donation will be entered into a raffle for prizes,which have been generously donated by several high-performance aftermarket companies. Some of the prizes that will be raffled are a pair of Hogan's Racing intake manifolds. Stef's oil pan, $1000 gift certificate from Comp cams, set of B&B Performance valve covers, and engine labor and dyno testing for a small-block Chevy engine from Bill Maropulos. The drawing will be held April 5, and all proceeds will go to Lingenfelter's recovery fund. Send donations to

John Lingenfelter Recovery Fund
303 N. Russell Ave.
Santa Maria, Ca. 93458


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Thanks Matt.

Maybe someone could put this on the .org. Too much for me to type again.

I have no idea how. Everything that I do know I have learned myself. I have ZERO comp. training and skills.

I have no idea what 99% of all these computer terms really mean.

We did not have computers in my HS when I went. Class of 83. Oh wait, there was one in the library that we used to play some kind of golf game on.

Yes I am a computer idot.

Back to subject on hand. Time to make a donation. I am off to the post office.

Just bringing back up incase anyone wanted to make a donation before the drawing on April 5th.

I just heard on RPM Today that he is still in the hospital with complications from his surgery. They made it seem like his no better then before.

He must not be improving because there is zero new news updates on his condition. If he was improving they would be putting out updates left and right.

Poor man. /images/graemlins/frown.gif

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