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WHat a nightmare.

Well I got back and the drive was uneventful. However, the turn out at the vegas event was not what I expected. Oh well. There were about 16-17 different vipers in attendance over the three days. Only about 12 vipers actually raced over the three day stretch. It was great meeting everyone and I hope those who attended had a good time.

I talked to phil( Mr. mopars at the strip) and he was going to try and get us to run more on sunday. That didn't even come close to happening! It was about 1pm and 90 degrees and no one had been able to make a pass. There were 325 drag cars in attendance. Anyway, I wasn't going to sit around anymore so we packed up and at around 2:30 the vipers made their first passes, it was probably around 92-95 degrees. By this time there was only 4 vipers left. I apologize for leaving but I was fed up with it.

I feel bad that the event didn't yield anymore racing but believe me I spent hours talking with them and it obviously didn't do one bit of good. I will not go back to this event unless they put in writing that I am going to run at least 5 times per day.

The results of the racing was pretty good. I will let everyone speak for themselves because I don't remember what everyone ran. Please know that it was between 90-95 degrees all three days so everyones times are not as great as they could have been. The weather was about 20 degrees above normal.

I had some new personal records to share. I made 2 passes on the pilots first was a [email protected] mph and the second was a [email protected] mph. That is my personal best on stock street tires. I then made 2 passes on BFG drag radials [email protected] and [email protected] That is a personal best on the bfg's. I think with a cool day and a good launch I would be in the 9's. I love those bfg's. I never had an opportunity to run the slicks. I had them mounted and ready to go but never made a pass before I left.
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