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Heads up for those with Kumho

April 5, 2004
Kumho Tire U.S.A. notified us today they have chosen to voluntarily recall all ECSTA V710 tires. If you still have ECSTA V710 tires (new, used or even worn out), Kumho has authorized us to exchange them on a one-for-one basis with an enhanced version of the ECSTA V710 when it becomes available in approximately 60-90 days.

In order to compensate you for any inconvenience, as well as mounting and balancing costs, Kumho has further authorized us to provide either ECSTA V700 or VictoRacer V700 tires, again on a one-for-one basis, at no final cost to you. Since ECSTA V700 and VictoRacer V700 tires require tread shaving for use in dry conditions, shaving will be available at no charge. Heat Cycling will also be included at no charge if your ECSTA V710 tires were heat cycled by the Tire Rack originally.

The Tire Rack Team wants to help you replace your voluntarily recalled tires as quickly and conveniently as possible. If you still have new, used or worn out ECSTA V710 tires:

Contact the Tire Rack representative indicated on your original invoice, or call (800) 428-8355 and asking for the first available sales representative.

Provide the phone number where your credit card bills are received, the invoice number of your ECSTA 710 purchase and/or your name.

Identify the quantity of new, used or worn out ECSTA V710 tires you will be exchanging.

The Tire Rack representative will establish a no-charge backorder at The Tire Rack for the enhanced ECSTA V710 tires when they become available, as well as place an order for your ECSTA V700 or VictoRacer V700 tires. We will charge your credit card when we ship your ECSTA V700 or VictoRacer V700 tires.

Contact a Tire Rack representative when your ECSTA V710 tires are dismounted and ready to be picked up by the UPS representative and we will issue the required number of prepaid UPS Pick-up Labels for you to return your ECSTA V710 tires.

Upon the return of your ECSTA V710 tires, we will credit the full value of ECSTA V700 or VictoRacer V700 tires to the credit card used to purchase them.

The Tire Rack apologizes for any inconvenience this causes.


The content of Kumho's announcement is provided below:


Kumho Tire’s priority is safety, and we are committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality and best performing tires that are available anywhere in the world. It is with this philosophy in mind that Kumho is taking immediate action in discontinuing the sale of the ECSTA V710 Competition Tire.

The V710 has won several races and set numerous track records since it was introduced into the market on January 1, 2004. Although we have not experienced any air loss failures with the ECSTA V710 Competition Tire, we have discovered some inconsistent test results relating to tread splice and tread area durability.

The sale of the ECSTA V710 Competition Tire will, therefore, be discontinued immediately, and tires in use in the market will be collected from consumers. Kumho will replace them with either the Kumho ECSTA V700 or Victoracer tire free of charge.

An investigation into the cause of the inconsistencies has been carried out and modifications to the product and production methods have been made to ensure these inconsistencies do not re-occur.

Consumers who have purchased the ECSTA V710 Competition Tire must call the dealer where the tires were purchased or the following toll free number to arrange for tire return and replacement:

1-800-445-8646 Extension 342

Consumers will be given the choice of a free replacement of the ECSTA V710 with either the ECSTA V700 or Victoracer. They will also be provided a free set of the modified ECSTA V710 upon its arrival.

Kumho is sincerely committed to the quality of our products and the total satisfaction of our customers. We regret any inconvenience to our customers.

Kumho Tire U.S.A.
14605 Miller Avenue
Fontana, CA 92336

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That sucks you just sold them as they would have givin you a set of ECSTA V700 or VictoRacer V700 tires plus a set of the new enhanced version of the ECSTA V710 when it becomes available in approximately 60-90 days.

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I replaced them with another set.. I'll wait until they wear out! /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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