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Kuhmo vs Sport Cup vs. Drag Radial

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I'm guessing Drag Radials are the best of the 3 for quarter mile tracking, but how do the Sport Cups (road course tire) stack up to the Kuhmo's for straight line racing?

Lastly, what should tire pressure on all three of these tires be when dragging? In street trim (Sport cup rears) at 27 psi, my tires just spin from easy launches on the street. Wondering if somebody knows the ideal/perfect pressure for these tires at the track? I couldn't find it in a search for the sport cups.

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drag radials i drop to 15psi and i can hook up at 4500-500rpm they hook great

street tires i drop to 21-22psi and its a noticeable improvement

now, in your car youre fucked. too much power bro, drop em to 21-22 but more importantly launch nice and low (damn nere idle, LOL) and learn how to feather that bitch like a pro
What about HOOSIERS for the quarter mile? I ask because I already have those mounted (brand new ones on 18" wheels) set up for my next road course -- I know they stick like a bitch on a road course, but are they innefficent for lateral acceleration on a drag strip? How do HOOSIERS compare to the others?

I can tell you that the BFG's hook harder than the kuhmos at the strip. ON the street the kuhmos don't quit hook as well but they are close but for the strip there is no comparison. BFG's all the way. I have had many 1.5x 60' times with them and I hope to have many more.
In my opinion, the Kuhmos are only marginally better than new Pilots at the strip. The Nitto's or especially the BFG's are far better. On the other hand, the Kuhmos are very nice on the corners.
Manny - you'll need at least BFG's on the strip. It will take a LOT of practice to get good ET's with any other "street" tires.

Let me know when you're ready for Carlsbad...

- Alan
Man, I've been doing a little screet racing on my BFG's, and I love them! They hook like a champ! Everyone wonders how I can spray my car in first gear, hook, and GO! They look pretty stock, so most people don't even know they're there!
Alan, I'm planning on attending Carlsbad on Sat, May 1st. I'm going to see if I can get a few of the locals to head out there as well. You gonna be able to make it?

By that time, I'll have some wheels mounted with the drag radials I have at home.

BigCarrot, have you run the Sport Cups on the street as well?
Manny_C said:
BigCarrot, have you run the Sport Cups on the street as well?
Nope, but I have tried Hoosiers. Not even close! They seemed to be just a tad better than Pilots.
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