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kit car

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Anyone in here ever built a factory five car?
I've been thinking about building one just for fun (and put a ton of HP into it) but i've never built a kit car before.
Has anyone built one and what is your (subjective) opinion on how hard/easy/enjoyable it is to build one?
I've worked on cars up until a few years ago and figured i may want to get into it again.

How hard/easy are kit cars to make street legal in california?
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A couple of my freinds are in the process of building Porsche 550 Spyder replicas. The process does not look too difficult. I imagine that a cobra kit car wouldnt be too bad either. I would really love to do a GT40 kit car.
Factory Five also makes a great Daytona replica. That is far more unique than a AC Cobra.
If you want to spend a little more money for a "turn key minus" option with a great fit and finish. Take a look at Superformance cobras and at
Get a rolling chassis GT40 from The thing is a work of art. Polished welds, stainless monocoque chassis. Take a careful look and comare it with the ERA. When you compare dollar for dollar the rolling chassis one is MUCH BETTER and a higher quality. Depends on how nicely you want it finsihed. If you want to do an AC Cobra, I would also recommend the Superformance cars. Yes they are pretty much all done for you, but to duplicate that car with that level of quality would cost nearly the same thing. And those care are show ready. I think Fontenot has a Superformance car. I have driven them as well. NICE cars, fit great. Look perfect.
That link doesnt work. How much do those things cost?
Par that ultima is SWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEETT!!! i want one too now!!
Problem is that Diablos are 125Kish now for a good 94-96. Pay 10K for a good engine and tranny and all of a sudden you are a neon away from a Lambo. At that point, I would rather have the real deal.
1 - 9 of 40 Posts
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