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a fucking slaughter actually.....a friend of mine has a roush stage II mustang, slower than shit! it's basically a gt with a body kit. anyways, i ran into him at the gas station where he was reving and showing off, and i asked him if he would race me just for fun.....where i live there arent many cars you see out to race, with a few, we get on the highway, slow down to about 40 so we can create a gap, accelerate up to 60, he honks 3 times, and i hammer it....i got from 60-115ish and it looked like he didnt even go! i was easily 20 cars ahead of him. we exit, turn around and run again, this time i told him just to go and i would catch up to him......well he gets next to me at around 60 and punches it, i give him about a second or two and then i hammer it again and catch him in no time! anyways, there is a black z06 with heads/cam/nos that i think will be my next encounter.....(help me out heffner)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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