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Just Recieved My new Drag Radial From PARTSRACK

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These babies are Wicked Looking. Can't wait to put them on the track!

I will post pictures later.

I am sure these are gonna help in the V-10 Nationals Street Tire shoot-out.

JonB told me there are only 10 Sets Remaining. Your gonna need some, call before they are all gone!
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David, I have a few sets of these also and we're going to try and test them this week. My only concern is the hard sidewall since they are 18". Other than that, they should prove to be a huge performance gain Vs the old 17". 8" of the total 13 is basically a slick on the inside of the tire, whereas the rest is a more aggressive looking gatorback type groove.
What kind of time improvement does everyone think these tires will yield?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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