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Just got back from the gigantic grand opening of Maxwell Dodge in Austin ,

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My Motor!
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What was going on at Maxwell??? Why a grand opening?

BYW, great pics.
Heads , cam , blower car!
Damn, I am tired of all these Viper pics....what about the caravans and stratus' :bonk:
TWO more
SW's 97
Stroker motor
More pics in 1 hour ,
I really like the stereo set up in the blue and white GTS.
viper spray said:
I thought this was a Dodge only event. What the heck is the Honda S-2000 doing there?
Ffej said:
I really like the stereo set up in the blue and white GTS.
Looks like a Elite Motorsports job. Am i worng? Looks sweet !
That stereo has got to be heavy as hell. Figure 20lbs for each of those amps. Add another 20 lbs for each sub. Then add 10 lbs for the plexi, another 30 lbs for the MDF board used to make the facade and amp rack and before you know it youve added 100-150 lbs to the car? Looks nice, but that seems more like something you would do for a Caddillac, Benz, hummer?
1 - 20 of 60 Posts
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