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I just got back from a 17 hour round trip to pick up my '02 Yellow/Black GTS. I set out at 5:30 this morning from NJ in my '03 Z06 for Cleveland. About 10 min into the trip is started raining, and turned to sleet, then snow in mid PA on I80. Despite 350 miles of shit weather I made it to Cleveland in a little over 7 hours. The car was mint, just as they said, other then a scratch on the front right wheel that they have to somehow make good on. I did the paperwork, and started right back for Jersey. I got about halfway across PA on 80 when it starts to fucking snow again. I went south and drove the last 250 miles in a pouring rainstorm. Now I have a few questions about the car:

1. The car has an Alpine radio, is this stock? The speaker in the back is dead and I don't want to take it to the dealer if the radio is not OEM.

2. What the hell are the heating controls for anyway? I got a random mix of hot/cold air out no matter where I put the knob. I spent the whole 9 hours going home fucking with the heat. Is this typical?

3. My front right wheel is curbed. Its minor, but it's there. It's not too deep, can it be polished out and then re-chrome the wheel, or is it cheaper to find a new wheel? Are the wheels even chromed, or polished/clearcoated? Anyone got an '02 GTS front wheel for sale?

I'll post pics tommorrow after I wash it.

'02 GTS Yellow/Black
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