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Just got a call from the dealer.....

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They are going to replace the cats and sidesills under WARRANTY!!!!!!!

It is a 1998 GTS and the sidesills are yellowing. It was covered under the Federal Emmisions warranty because they say the cats were starting to clog which caused the heat sheilds to break down.


With all the rain and crap in Houston is a great day!!

They also has a blue/white 96 or 97 GTS in there for repair. Seems someone ran over a branch in the road and it tore the fascia, moved the hood, and tore passenger side exhaust cover.

Anyone on here?

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Just because you asked, I forgot the name. It is the dodge dealer at I-610 and I-10 near the galleria. Heffman I think is the name. They are the same guys that did my fascia.
Man that is great news Ego, good dealer to get you that deal.
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