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Jon B Says SRT Headers Gain 46 RWHP?

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And 50+ RW Tq from Belanger headers which Jon B also happens to sell? I dont necessarily dispute these numbers - though I have never seen a real dyno sheet posted either. Can anyone verify Jon B's claims?;o=&fpart=1
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Have the balls to post under the name we all know you as...
wtf cares about his questions. It wasnt' the question. I guess I can't stand a pussy hiding behind a screen name. /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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Heard the same claims years ago. Turns out it was more like 30 to 35 hp.
I know the pre-00 Gen II's (forged) supposedly picked up close to 50 horsepower with Belangers. I think BTR even guaranteed it. I have heard nothing of the sort on the SRT, but will definitely sign up if it is true!!
Jon Buy.
I called the guys at west coast viper and asked about their set-up, and they were in the process of testing belanger (spelling?) headers with their full exhaust set up, so stay tuned for results
I should be able to add my 2 cents very soon. I am still waiting on my damn McLoed clutch but when it gets here while installing it I am also putting on a nice set of B headers. Compliments of my buddy Paolo. Last dyno pull in the shop was 900, will get exact number and then compare the new dyno with headers. This should all happen in week or so, I friggin hope.

I was informed by a well known tuner today that they dyno tested a SRT with air induction, Belanger headers and exhaust without cats. The peak numbers were 467 rwhp and 488 rwtq. This appears to offer more like a 28 rwhp peak gain.

FYI, the tuner does not want to post the dyno sheet as the header manufacturer asked him not to.
Hey guys,
I am waiting on a set of Bellanger headers with a cat back system to be soon as I have the results I will share the numbers.
98 RT/10 Bellanger headers with cat back exhaust, TD roller rockers, 70mm throttle bodies, 3"air intake with 3" smooth tubes. 437 RWHP don`t remember the RWTQ.
Aren't Ballenger headers a Tri Y?

If so - I'd be mighty surprised to see 46hp over stock headers. Tri Y is good for stock to mild motors but will not make the power of a really well designed and built 5 into 1. Maybe the 46hp was at one point lower in the rpm range (like 2000-4000rpm where the Tri Y works well)?

For my money - 5 into 1 is the ticket, and I just did some homework...

Although never advertised - they should be - Jason Heffners std headers are equal length, 1 3/4 primaries and use the Burns true merge collector for just $2195 in SS304 - although he also makes headers to suit individual requirements. Price that against some MILD STEEL headers that cost even more! It is too cheap and if I were him I'd put the prices up :nod:

I know which will make more top end power and it is not the Tri Y.
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add 46 ? believe it when i see it..
post the dyno...
no way....
maybe on a old lump cam early gen 2
no way....

not even close to 40
i declare shinanaginennsssssssssssssss... sorry cant spell tom any beers.s :cheers:
98 RT/10 Bellanger headers with cat back exhaust, TD roller rockers, 70mm throttle bodies, 3"air intake with 3" smooth tubes. 437 RWHP don`t remember the RWTQ.
Damn! My 98 RT/10 stock exhaust, rear muffler delete, tubes, filters dyno'd at 426 RWHP.

Try replacing the 70mm TBs with stock and see if the HP increases.
My old '99 with catback and filters made 440 rwhp and that was with the 70mm TBs. HP should increase with stock TB's...didn't realize that back then.


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Could have been a bad dyno 01GTS ACR with headers and cat back and smooth tubes was 420 rwhp. Didn`t say it was great just what the dyno said.Although your 99`s are pushing 500 at the crank thats real good for a 450 hp motor.
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