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Ouch!!! :bawling: And the windshield is still in tact! Mustav been wearin his seatbelt.... otherwise .... :angel:

What was the speed at impact? And what did he hit??

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City - A LOT! LOL

That's a real odd looking impact - note how the hood is still intact, as is seemingly the quarterpanels, doors, etc.. The top of the cabin isn't crinkled or deformed, and it looks as though the manifold is still ok. WTF happened to this car?

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ladynohsreg said:
Unfortunate site.
I wonder if it happened right after the phrase
"Hey guys whach this"!!!

So sad so very very sad.

I w e e p f o r w r e c k e d f e r r a r i s
well..women who weep for a wrecked Ferrari's is OK in my book! :nod:
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