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Itching for my next autocross event

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The rain clouds have finally parted here in Nor Cal for a few months and I am itching so bad for the next autocross. I raced last season, but was running with stock tires and normal alignment. I cannot believe the difference that an alignment and tires can make. Being that I'm from a small area my normal class (SS) has noone in it 'cept for the Viper. I have bumped myself into the OSP class which is pretty much a group of cars that are just a step below the mod classes.. bigger engines, bigger brakes, tires, tricked out suspension etc etc. Anyways, the Viper is doing consistantly better and better.. so much better that some of the other racers are trying to boot me out of OSP. The course that we run up here is very small and definitely hands the advantage to the smaller cars.. Nonetheless, the Viper took 4th place overall 2 races ago (out of 40 or so cars) and the last race, placed 3rd overall. Not bad considering that the top car was a BM formula style car with full slicks and the 2nd was a completely gutted rabbit with serious race prepping. What really makes this fun for me is the closeness of times vs those i am racing against. The rabbit that beat me out in the last race only won by 3/10's of a second. The local club is putting on a hillclimb later this summer and it would be great if some of the bay area cars could make it for that event. Unfortunately, I just live too far from larger tracks to make it feasible to race, and autocross has filled the niche. Kudo's to Mark for the alignment recommendations and Gerald for the great deal on a set of Kumho's.
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AutoX is SO much fun. I haven't done it in the viper yet...umm I still need to pick it up. but in my neon I had a blast. The best part is, you can run just about anything. It's like a drug.
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