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Is your Dyno lying? This is a MUST read!!!!!!

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I read this in my new Car and Driver mag and had to post the story here. Would a Viper respond to airflow like this car did? Should we re-think how we dyno our cars and how much power they really may have? What about that VIPAIR that elite sells , could it really help at speed? Read this and post your thoughts. (READ BOTH PAGES)
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It just seems crazy that he picked up over 40 RWHP with a big fan blowing 38,000 cubic feet per minute of air at 75 mph down a narrow duct, right into the M5's radiator and intake on the dyno on top of the 37 RWHP picked up with a Home Depot fan.
It woud be very interesting to do what PAR suggests: "Here is my question: How sophisticated is the viper engine management system. Does it take into account as much external data as lets say a bimmer engine management system? It would be darn cool if any of the tuners would replicate the experiment on a viper and see if there is a difference", but like the article says , that huge fan that they used is a $7,000 fan.
Lucifer said:
Nice article, funny part is, I just spoke to Matt Harwood yesterday. :nod:

Hooked me up with my new toy, a Mustang Dynamometer MD-AWD-IMP. :thumb:
What about the BIG FAN?
This pic is Sir Hiss! [image][/image]
Will you try to replicate this with a Viper on your Dyno with the big fan?
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