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Interior pieces (used?)

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I've got several interior pieces that are roughed up in various ways, and I'm wondering if anyone has some good suggestions on sources to get used replacements, e.g., totalled vipers, at somewhat decent prices?
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paint em!
Er, they are the "bumpy" interior pieces. Further, I'm not talking stuff that painting will fix, I'm talking dings, etc.
Kinda pricey but one of the vendors (I think ViperMed) has carbon fiber coating for interior parts.
Take better care of your Viper Slaughter. You don't have anywhere near the miles I have and all that's bad with my interior is a small crack in the console. Shame on you.
Email Chad(aka Snakehydes)! He'll square ya up on a very nice interior! :thumb: :thumb: He'll customize it to your taste.
John, try ViperpartsLarry. Over in the Classifieds at .org
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm REALLY not into carbon fiber, and I'm not interested in aftermarket (expensive) interior upgrades, so I'm really looking for used interior parts.

Oh, and Chuck, it's not all my fault, I've got 1 interior damaged part due to a screw backing out and rubbing deeply into it, quite a pain in the ass.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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