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I wanted to post this information a few days ago and just recently had a chance to do so. Thank you to all that have Emailed or called regarding this awesome instrument!

Innovate Motorsports LM-1 Kit (MSRP $349)

Features: Worlds Only Fully Digital Design
2 User-Programmable Analog Outputs
Real Time Display and Output
Accurate to .1AFR
Built in 6-Channel Data-Logger
Included PC Software
Includes Bosch 5-Wire Wideband Sensor
Won "Best New Product-Racing and Performance" SEMA 2003

Benefits: 5 times faster response (100ms Vs 500ms Typical)
Self Calibrating (Heater Calibration)
Simple Recalibration (Sensor Variation With Wear, Altitude, ETC.
Analog Designs Usually Are Calibrated To Work With One Sensor Only
Use With Any Programmable Engine Management System (Or External Data-
Can Be Used To Monitor And Tune Carbureted Applications As Well As EFI
Meets Or Exceeds Accuracy Of Even The Most Expensive High-End Systems
Capture AFR And 5 Additional Analog 0-5V Signals for Complete
Analysis. Log Up To 44 Minutes, In Multiple Sessions, 12 Samples/
Second. Use With Your Existing Sensors (TPS/MAP, ETC), With The
Innovate LMA-2 (RPM Convertor), Or With Any Combination.
Display Log Data on X-Y Axis, Rescale, Zoom In, Print, ETC.
Reprogram Fuel Types, Analog Outputs, RPM Convertor, ETC.
Replacement or Additional 02 Sensors only $59
Proven Winner With Industry Recognition

LMA-2 Auxillary Input Cable #2 "RPM Convertor" (MSRP $99)

Features: Embedded Microcontroller
(4) Additional Analog Inputs
6 Foot Cable Length

Benefit: Capture Tach Data From ECU, Ignition Or Inductive Clamps (Optional $20)
Setup Feature "Learns" How Many Cylinders, Wasted Spark, ETC
Connect Existing Or 3rd Party Sensors To Standard Wire Terminals
Extends Harness Reach Beyond Firewall

LM-1 Kit Includes: LM-1 Meter, Power Cable 1, Bosch Sensor, Serial
Cable, 9V Battery, 02 Bung/Plug, CD and Manual $349

Optional Components:

RPM Convertor: $99
Inductive Clamp: $20
Exhaust Clamp: $75
Aux Output Cable: $8
Power Cable: $12
USB-to-Serial Adapter $29
AC Adapter: $35
Analog Display: $59
Sensor Cable: $20 Included In LM-1 Kit
Cig Lighter Cable: $12 Included
02 Bung/Plug Kit: $8 Included
Sensor: $59 Included
Serial Cable: $12 Included

Please feel free to contact us for M2 pricing and availability regarding the above listed components. The prices quoted above are manufacturers suggested retail and are not discounted if purchased through the manufacturer.

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Ive heard good things about this product.
I will be getting one in the near future.


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Hello Go Fast,

The Analog Gauge from Innovate is 52mm in diameter which is roughly 2.05"

Most of the Domestic gauge pods are 2 1/16 or 2 5/8" whereas the imports will accept the gauges in millimeters.

As far as using (2) analog gauges, (2) LM-1 units would have to be used to make this happen. Thank you!
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