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Inexpensive Stereo Upgrades? - Paging Snake Bitten!

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Getting an occasional crackle out of my speakers, thinking they are in need of replacement?

Snake Bitten, I have the Kicker subwoofer replacement you suggested a while back, so what should I do for speakers inexpensively to go with that?
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Chuck 98 RT10 said:
You didn't ask me but my advice is to swap them out with your other Vipe...oops sorry.
I think I'll swap them out next time I stay at your place :fist: /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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Hmm, looks like the last auction listed says it includes 2 speakers, not clear in the first two posted...what do you make of that?
Could there be something wrong with my tweeters as well? I think I hear a "ptthhpptth" from there with my bass fully cranked...
Anthony - 98 GTS said:
Come on Slaughterj - pad your next bill a couple of hours and step-up to the plate

Actually, cheap is good for me, not only because of the $, but also because I frequently drive through the rain (top off, door handles filled up and leaking over, etc.) and don't need to spend much $ eventually replacing components...
Snake Bitten said:
Asif...That you?!? /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

Just print this thread and take it to a decent audio shop, let them install the door speakers...This stuff is cheap and effective...they will know precisely what we all have discussed here...Won't cost you much at all to have them install the passive crossovers real quick...They'll probably do it free, if you buy the door speakers and crossovers from them...It will take them less than an hour to install for you...
Hey, I've met Asif! At ViperDays a couple years ago! What's up Asif? [Look at me hijacking my own thread!]
Hey SlaughterJ,

How are you doing? I sold my 93 and bought a 99 RED RT/10 with a Heffner Supercharger. Man, I LOVE THIS CAR! I'm trying to upgrade the stereo as you can see above..I don't know much about stereos..I'm gonna take Gerald's (Snake Bitten) advice and go with the K525's. I'll let you guys know how it sounds. HEY, if your ever in the Northern VA area let me know.
I'm doing alright. That's quite an upgrade! I got the K525s, figured they were cheap and I'd see how they do...
1 - 7 of 33 Posts
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