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First off my best 60 ft time has improved to a 1.40
second I have driven both my cars faster than TwinDiapers
Third My piece of Junk cars look really pretty
Fourth He will never out drive me
5th I win best reaction Time

6th MOST IMPORTANT I drove my car on Street Tires faster and Quicker than Twin Diapers has ever gone!

and one more thing. Got Rubber? you could have had this 9.66 in full street trim instead you have a LEAN MACHINE! Twin Diapers Screwed you! :rofl:

You have been served, show up and race or Shut up!

of the the Blower Tentioners (spelling) Broke, My belt did not. This is not bad considering these pully's are over two years old! Im very happy with my car. I fI could have only stayed in the grove when I ran 120 in th 1/8 with a 6.1? . can you say 9.20-30 we will see soon.
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