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Sorry for the "all-caps" subject line and the "wrong" forum, but I know many of you have been waiting for this update: After working extensively with various folks to get this done, we have added several Paul Mumford photos to the Viper Calendar gallery (#401-407):

These include track photos from Laguna Seca and the famed "corkscrew" shots that people kept sending yet I could not publish because I did not get permission from the original photographer. Needless to say, that changed and I would like to thank the following folks:

Brian Provost for working overtime to track down photographers
Paul Mumford Sr. for his continued support of this project
Dave Kennedy for a wonderful shot of Paul next to his Viper (#402)
Peter & Gayle Brock of Sports Car Illustrated for the rest of these great shots

Now, please note that we were able to use these photos with the express understanding that they will NOT be distributed outside of the calendar and the galleries. I know many of you would like to have these for PC "wallpaper" and other stuff, however I cannot and will not be able to send any copies to anybody. That said, here is a larger, low-res "sample" of one of the pictures (#401 - a collage of some of the other photos):


Note that if you want this picture as the cover photo for the calendar, no problem. Also note that this calendar has been and continues to be nonprofit: The Kansas City VCA is a licensed nonprofit organization and not one single penny is given to any individual or other VCA chapter. As this has pretty much been my baby for the past few years, I am hoping to be able to help Erik Messley and other folks that were close to Paul. It is my understanding that Erik will be running Paul's car in this 2004 season. Brian Provost is also running the Paul Mumford Memorial Open Track Challenge this April 19th - 23rd. Both could use the continued support of the Viper Nation. As I also have some other "personal" photos of Paul (sans car), I am in contact with the photographers to see about a "Mumford-only" calendar with all proceeds to go to one (or both) of these great causes.

Again, sorry for the "all caps", but I know that many here were very close to Paul and the rest of us just wish we hadn't missed the opportunity. Hopefully the calendar will serve as a pleasant reminder for many of us. I didn't order a calendar for myself yet, but most definitely will now.


PS. The calendar can be started any month for twelve months (i.e. 2/04 - 1/05)...
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Beautifully done, Chris. I need to order one for myself.
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