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I have been working hard on putting this event together so the viper community would have a Drag Racing event to be proud of. I have been able to reduce cost once and am working hard to reduce them one last time. However I need entry's to do this. If you are planning to attend the event I need you to pre-register. We have some sponsors that are willing to kick in some big Cash to underwrite the event but I must prove the interest is really there. I feel like we will have 80 plus cars at the event, however I have not recieved this many entry's at this time. This is where i need your help.

If you plan on attending the event I need you to pre register NOW! You can fax your entry form to me and send payment when final entry fee is announced. (those who have sent in your entry form we will refund any difference, and thank you for your early response) If we have the participation of all Drag racers I willbe able to make this a FREE EVENT. Please encourage everyone that owns a Viper to come join the excitement. If you are thinking of coming pre register NOW via fax 502-244-6272

COme be a part of the MOST powerful assembly of VIPERS in History. we have classes for everyone with plenty of track time.

If participation is there we are working on making cash payouts for all classes.

If any questions or for more information contact me at [email protected] or 502-376-1484.

Your support is appreciated.
(Stay Tuned For a big announcement)
Thanks to all our sponsors for making this possible:
Clark Stegall
Elite Motorsports of Tampa
Doug Levin Motorsports
Heffner Performance
LS1 Motorsports/Quartermile performance
TNT Motorsports
BMR Fabrication, INC.
RPS Carbon/Carbon Clutches

Contingency Sponsors:
Unitrax Halfshafts
Belanger Headers
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