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Re: I\'m coming to Bowling Green who wants some????

V10 MOJO said:
no problem i figure either way im winnin. im sure after two or three shots youre down and nappin then we'll just stack shit on your head for the pics :"D
Mojo ,I said the same thing when I met Moundir in SA..Big mistake, this Kid can drink with the best of them.

I never told him this..But when we were doing all those Vodka shots at the bar Manny and I were actually drinking water /images/graemlins/laughing.gif and we STILL couldn't bury him. ( We had like 6 Shots each back to back and that was just the first 10 mins at the club)

He's definetly got skills ..The Mother F'r was up at the crack of dawn bouncing off the walls :cheers:
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