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Im Calling out all Go-cart racers V-10 Nationals

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I will own you!!! I have never lost a Go-cart Race (Hope that statement don't offend RonVIPER) I will rule the event in Bowling Green!

J-Dawg CHuck B Heffner RSI DLM Chad 2mantoys 1tony1 Fuelman Cudaman Tom Welch Rohn Kittel Steve Salis Larry Macedo Jason Styles Mike Robbins Josh Helm Nathan Helm Gary A Sal P all of you will be destroyed at Race world!

Last event you guys tried to kill me and I still won!!! I am the Go-cart King!!!

Bring it on!

/images/graemlins/tyson :fight: /images/graemlins/gun9mm /images/graemlins/dude /images/graemlins/dude2 /images/graemlins/ar15firing.gif /images/graemlins/drive
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yeah, left me out too. /images/graemlins/drive I get ya Roofy boy :thumb:
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